Greyson Goody



  • 2017 Las Vegas CAALA Conference: Hearsay and Evidence
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  • 2019 Palm Springs CAOIE Conference: Pebley and its Evidentiary Impact at Trial
  • 2019 San Francisco CAOC Conference: Sanchez and Cross-Examination
  • 2019 NATLE: How to Engage with New Lawyers
  • 2020 CAALA Webinar: People v. Sanchez, Experts, and Trial
  • 2020 CASD Webinar: Spine Anatomy 101
  • 2020 TBI Med Legal: Jury Selection in Spine Cases
  • 2021 TBI Med Legal: How Lawyers Prepare their TBI Cases for Trial
  • 2021 TBI Med Legal: It’s the Weed not the TBI
  • 2021 Law Di Gras: Doctor Depositions
  • 2021 Settlement Nation: A Case of Justice
  • 2021 Las Vegas Trial Lawyers’ University: Castaneda v. Perez Case Study
  • 2021 Las Vegas Trial Lawyers’ University: Voir Dire with Harry Plotkin 
  • 2022 Alaska WTLA Conference: Mini-Openings for Dummies


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